Posh Personal Care

About Company

Who we are

Posh Personal CareLLP is one of India's leading shavingrazor blade manufacturing & exporting firm. Posh is among the most trusted emerging brand name in the personal care industry.

  • A team of 220 People
  • 5 Regional Office
  • 6 Regional Hub & C&F
  • In House Packing Material Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing 12 Lakh Blades Per Day

At Posh Personal Care, the driving force is its core value and competitiveness, which is a guiding factor for innovation, passion for work, focus on production and excellence in people.

Posh Personal Care has state of art manufacturing facility located at Kundali (Haryana- India), using the most advanced technology and machines to produce high quality Razor Blades.

Posh Personal Care offers product portfolio a wide range of products in double, single edge blade and unique safety razor (single blade and double blade). In the toiletries product ranges from shaving cream, shaving foam, after-shave lotion, after-shave cream and hair trimmer.

Firm Snapshot

  • Posh Personal Care is engaged in the manufacturing of Shaving Razor Blade in Sonepat - Haryana (India) along with other personal care and toiletries items.
  • POSH have installed capacity of 5 Grinding Machine Lines
  • Currently, running with 2 Grinding Machine Lines with fully integrated assembly process at full capacity
  • Each Grinding Machine is producing 6 lakh blades per day
  • Currently, producing 12 lakh blades per day with 2 Grinding Machine
  • POSH has already invested into the fixed assets infrastructure ( as ready to move factory) to expand the other lines within 4-6 months
  • We have the best manufacturing facility in the North India amongst all in terms of Machines, Plant Layout, Floor Safety Norms, Hygiene, Canteen and Employee Development Programs
  • The manufacturing facility is strategically located in the hub of industrial area, sourcing of packaging material is easy and transportation.

We have high capacity power backup generator for any exigency of power interruption

  • The Firm have been operational since June 2018
  • The Company has obtained all the licenses required for the Production & commercial sale
  • Total close to USD 3 Million has been invested in machines & Plant and other fixed infrastructure
  • Currently they have manpower of 120 staff working on full time basis at factory as per employment norms.
  • We are expecting to close the sales turnover this year around USD 1.25 Million during FY18-19
  • As per Business Model, POSH is engaged in
  • Domestic Market Under POSH Brand name
  • Exporting to African Countries in POSH name
  • Contract Manufacturing for other brands
  • POSH has launched products as Double Edge Blade, Shaving Cream, Shaving Gel, Foam and Double Edge Safety Razor, in the domestic market

Key Attraction & Strenght

  • Packing Material

    POSH has invested in packing material sourcing company to ensure regualr and intruped Supply
    and maintain the Copy right and related issuesWith IP

  • Raw Material

    Steel: Jindal Steel is located in Haryana only so delivery of Steel is assured in just 24-30 Hrs.

    Consumables: We have Strategic partner, KP Enterprise,Who set up Milling machine to Vendor us consumable on regular
    Basis. His unit is just 300 meters Our unit.

  • Manufacturing

    The factory is located right in the Hesrt of Industrial HUB Area. The unit is near National High Way Road.
    The unit is falls under Delhi NCR. Staff has been Accomodated near factory with Factory free transportation



    The biggest advatange is transportation as it is on the Road connecting to four states,Besdies National
    High Way to Cover Pan India route. Services are avilable in all seasons